A sikh becomes leading minority politician to head a major party in Canada
October 2017,04

A sikh becomes leading minority politician to head a major party in Canada
Jagmeet Singh, A Sikh lawyer, barely 38-years of age was elected as the leader of New Democratic Party of Canada. He is the first non-white politician, to become the head of a major political party, and has called it an extremely profound honor. 

He is an Ontario based provincial lawmaker and was elected to lead the party in the 2019 election. He is set to rival the Liberals of P.M. Justin Trudeau. 

He was successful in receiving 53.6 % of the vote. This marks a decisive first-ballot victory over other candidates. He tweeted and thanked the New Democrats, and professed that the run for the post of Prime Minister had commenced. He went on to say that today, he had officially launched his campaign to become the next PM of Canada.

He is known for his personality, based on the fondness for colorful and bright turbans, personal style, and high-end suits, and happens to be the first member of a community, from the minority, to head a Major Federal Party. He truly has a political brand. 

The tasks are cut out for him. He has to rebuild the party which had lost 59 seats in the elections, held in 2015. This race will excite the party in a big way he exclaimed.

His New Democratic Party is at present at the third place, in the Parliament, winning 44 out of 338 seats. The party was never in power.

In 2011, it witnessed historic gains, but lost a million votes, to the Liberals, headed by Trudeau in 2015. His focus would be on climate change, electoral reforms, and reconciliation with indigenous people.

During the campaign for leadership, he was successful to raise sufficient money, which was more than his competitors could manage. He hopes to continue with similar success in the future also. He was born in Scarborough, Ontario, in 1979 to the parents who were immigrants from Punjab, India. He spent his early days in St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador and Windsor Ontario. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Western Ontario University in 2001, and also holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, of York University. He was a Criminal Defense Lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area prior to joining politics. The Sikh community has a share of 1.4 % in the population of Canada.

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