Engineers giving up America for a new Canadian Dream - 24th April, 2018

Engineers giving up America for a new Canadian Dream

Reality in USA

The waiting period for US green cards is long and bad. There is an antagonism towards skilled and qualified immigrants. Presently this situation is pushing them across the border to Canada

Professional software engineers in Silicon Valley secure an H-1B, the temporary visa that is exclusive to top skilled workers. They have to suffer and wait for a decade if not more for their green cards. Having sensibility, they possess skill set which are heavy in demand. They get rid of the uncertain green card application, and are making the northward move to Canada.

Response is good in Canada

An Indian Engineer Rangnekar has registered a website, Presently, his inbox has several messages from colleagues and friends in the US who are on H-1B visas. They ask for fruitful advice regarding migrating to Canada. The is getting many views. He has also set up a platform where anyone can ask questions. Consequently, the site receives around 100,000 views in a month. There are sizable numbers of engineers who have taken his advice to reach Toronto. Engineers and mostly Indians are looking up for details and information. Canada has attracted several immigrants from across the world to move on the path of economic growth. 20 % Canadian residents were born abroad; and there are thriving communities. Moreover many Canadians are polite and welcoming.

Technology is vital

There is a pragmatic reality here because technology is vital and has great importance to the culture and economy. It benefits through jobs and creation of wealth. Many metropolitan and lively cities like Toronto are the destination of immigrants. There is an entry of migrants to Canada which helps all.

Today, nearly half a million H-1B holders live in the USA. There is a thinking of foregoing their skilled visas and they opt for the residency of permanent nature, which Canada readily offers. The presidency of Trump has created a buzz and more number of global technology professionals are seeking permanent residency in Canada.

The professionals have a great choice and can consider going to Singapore, Berlin, or any other place but Toronto exercises a pull and offers a thriving career and attraction.

Since 1967, Canada has adopted an immigration system depending on points. It changes the rules regularly and rates applicants depending on its goals and the efforts for successful integration. Having a job offer, speaking English or French fluently, adds more weight to the profile.

Canada immigration level

Canada increased the immigration levels in 2016 and has attracted 300,000 fresh permanent residents annually. It has also created a Global Skills Strategy for issuing temporary work permits to professionals having job offers in specified categories, in two weeks. The senior software engineers figure in the list. So far 5,600 beneficiaries have received the permits. They hail from diversified countries like USA, Pakistan, India, and Brazil. Canada feels that most of them are desirable applicants and will work for the progress of the country.

Developments in USA

After President Trump was elected, there were developments like the travel ban, protests, and legal challenges also. He is pursuing a policy of cutting legal immigration. Moreover, he has accused the system of stealing jobs from local workers. The Congress needs to sanction many changes to the law. In this context the Canadian system is flexible and welcoming. There is a sense of pride to work in that country.

Good response

After starting MOV North, People are curious to know more about Canada. Furthermore, they ask regarding the immigration process, the basics and jobs, weather and schooling are the other topics. There are many professionals who are worried about the uncertain wait for the green card. They were in the fear that they had to quit the country within weeks if the extension of H-1B did not materialize.

In Canada the cost of living is low. Taxes are high, but the government offers preschool and health care. There is a definite improvement in the quality of life. The people who shifted are active on the MOV North forums, answering questions. Additionally, the reviews and stands have persuaded friends to apply for passage to Canada.

Good future

MOV North answers many questions and more People need help. This works as a motivation. Presently, engineers are finding good jobs. There is a presence of Amazon, Google and Uber. The government is investing money into researching artificial intelligence. More facilities such as the MaRS Discovery District, tech incubators and start-ups are employing 6,000 people. Other Canadian cities, are also running projects like Google’s AI research lab in Montreal. Additionally there is Shopify Inc an e-commerce giant in Ottawa, and Hootsuite Inc in Vancouver.

There are different immigration policies in US and Canada. Firstly, Canada is welcoming and has many opportunities for entrepreneurs to attract workers. A TN work permit, has a provision under the North American Free Trade Agreement which makes the work of Canadian professionals in the U.S easy.

Presently EventMobi, has decided to work with MOV North. It has plans to search for applicants, on algorithm ranks, depending on specific skills and experience. It will interest the people who express an interest in Canada.

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