Family Class Immigration Targets and other Initiatives of the Canadian Government
November 2017,14

Family Class Immigration Targets and other Initiatives of the Canadian Government
Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Canada while revealing the New Immigration Plan, pointed out that the majority of future permanent residents, proposed to be admitted, to the country during the course of the next three years, would be economic migrants. They will be followed by the category belonging to Family class programs.

Two years ago the Liberal Party won the elections and defeated the Conservatives. A year ago, Ahmed Hussen, assumed the charge of IRCC.

Family Class

The strategy to increase the intake of Family Class aspirants is the latest of a series of developments, incorporated in the last two years, to simplify the process of sponsoring a relative.

The present outlook for applicants of Family Class looks very positive. Under this category, citizens, as well as PRs of Canada, can sponsor a wide range of relatives, which include common-law partners, foreign spouses, parents, grandparents and dependent children. Till 2020, Canada proposes to greet 265,500 individuals, belonging to these categories as PRs. This is a measure, to unite them with members of their family, presently residing in Canada.

Increased Target Intake

IRCC has stated that the reason behind the increased intake is to create the space required to reduce huge backlogs, and decrease the processing time for families, who come out to sponsor children and spouses, parents, and grandparents.

Decreasing The Processing Time

The government had the goal to decrease the processing time, for common-law partners and spouses, who are sponsored while living in Canada. In December 2016, there was an announcement in the reduction of the processing time from 24 to 12 months. This target is adhered to in several cases today. They are also given the benefit of working, while they await a decision on their application.

Openwork Permit Pilot Program

There is an Openwork Permit Pilot Program which began in 2014 and is running through the past two years. Through this pilot program many sponsored persons, presently living in Canada, are in a position to sustain themselves (and their families) economically, waiting for the decision on their PR application through the system. Holders of the Work-permit are in a position to remain connected with the labour market of Canada. This factor benefits and boosts their career prospects also.

Removal of Conditional PRs

Another shift that makes settling in Canada easy for a few sponsored newcomers happened in April 2017. In that month the Government removed the Conditional PRs.

Under it, the sponsored spouses /common-law partners had to fulfil the requirement of living with their sponsors for two years after admission to Canada as a PR. In 2017 the Liberals changed it, as most relationships were genuine and the sponsorship applications were made in good faith.

Dependent Children  

For the Canadian immigration, an individual applying for PR could include dependent children below 19 years in their application. The Liberals had stated that increasing the age definition of dependents, eligible for immigration, will be increased to below 22 years, on a priority basis. This change was implemented on October 24th, 2017.

High PGP Intake

The Parents and Grandparents Program gave the Canadian citizens and PRs the right to sponsor foreign parents and grandparents to immigrate to the country as permanent residents.

The application intake in 2015 was 5,000 and it was doubled to 10,000 applications by the new government in 2017. There was a new process of application, where potential sponsors declared their interest in the program before the government selected the applications randomly. The government issued more ITAs for the PGP, to synchronize with the target intake for the present year.

New Plan

With the introduction of the new multi-year immigration plan, by the government’s there will be a steady increase in the number of people entering Canada in the PGP. By 2020, 21,000 new permanent residents will gain entry through this program. This will help IRCC to cut down the backlog of applications submitted and awaiting the process.

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