Getting a Work Visa that Allows an Immigrant to Live and Work in Dubai
December 2016,09

Getting a Work Visa that Allows an Immigrant to Live and Work in Dubai

The increased development in Dubai has caused a huge demand for labor, hence there are numerous opportunities for immigrants from all over the globe to find employment opportunities in Dubai. A residency visa is a requirement for any foreign visitor that allows him/her to live and be able to work in Dubai. It is then possible for an individual to obtain a work permit or labor card that will allow him/her gain employment in Dubai.

The first step involves getting an approval from the ministry of labor, which is usually done by the employer. Approval for entry into free zones is usually carried out if the applicant is still abroad. This gives the ministry enough time to research and find that there are no UAE citizens that are capable and willing to do the job that the applicant is being brought in to do. Once approved, an entry permit is granted which allows the individual to travel to the UAE legally. This permit is valid for 2 months and can be extended twice if there has been no update on the status of the job position being offered.  

The employer can then begin the process of applying for a labor card for the individual once he/she is in the country. The requirements include a valid passport with more than 6 months, health certificate validated in the UAE, recent passport photographs, copies of the employment contract, sponsoring company’s trade license that is valid, any educational certificates and other professional qualifications the applicant may have and a residency visa.

The residency visa is a prerequisite before getting a work permit to be able to work in Dubai hence the applicant has to ensure that he /she is able to legally stay in Dubai before starting any other applications. Requirements for this visa include the duly completed application forms, recent passport photographs, original and copies of the applicant’s passport, valid company card, health certificate that has been verified, certified commercial license of the employer’s company, entry permit and the necessary application fees applied. 

This visa is usually applied by the employer on behalf of the employee to make things easier when he/she enters the country, but it is not a guarantee that the work permit will be issued. Once the applicant receives both his/her residence visa and work permit/labor card, then he/she can start working and living in Dubai.

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