Things to be noted before you go on to a study abroad program
June 2015,13

Study Abroad Program
A number of students get their first taste of expat life during their study abroad programs. For individuals who have never lived or spent more time in abroad, it’s the first experience. In a new place, they may not speak language, understand culture or a have social safety net.  This article is all about the things one should plan and make a note before he or she go on a study abroad program.

Year by year, the count of students opting for study abroad programs is increasing progressively.  In an increasingly globalized professional atmosphere, individuals see it as a vital facet of higher education.  Few students use this period to learn a new language, travel around a region, try some local cuisine and make friendships with foreigners. And, a number of individual fall in love with the new culture and decide to try the expat life again, even after college.

Tips to be followed while going for a study abroad program

In order to make you study abroad program successful, individuals need to follow below tips:


Individuals should try to immerse themselves in the host country when they are planning to learn a language.

Branch out

Evade spending most of your time hanging out with other college kids. Try to experience new culture and tradition when you visit a country for the first time.


Yes it is a study abroad program; your experience must be focused on academics, particularly if individual is pursuing his or her study in a major overseas university. Conversely, individuals learn the same when they are in a library or at their home university or a library overseas. So, take off for few weekends, if possible skip a day of class, and take a ticket to travel some place that they have never been before.

Be safe

Individuals should enroll with security programs via their home university and consider travel insurance.


Don’t always stick with your studies, sometimes to feel relaxed get involved with your much loved hobbies overseas. Try to Join University clubs; find a group of people to play the games that you wish to.


Being an expat, try to do research, utilize resources when you are unaware of things and places. There are a large number of blogs, communities and forums, where one can get details about various things.  

Better to carry extra luggage

Bring some extra suitcases than you believe that you would actually need. In a foreign country you may have the chance to pick up things that you’d never see before at home, so keep a record of how much you’re purchasing and ensure you won’t have to abscond mementos behind.

Acquire a basic vocabulary

Learn some necessary words, even if you don’t plan to learn the native language.

Avoid electronic devices

It’s the time to engage yourself with something totally new, so make sure you’re not unintentionally distracting yourself by staring at your mobile all day.

Record your experiences

Try to make a note of all your experiences in a book or scrap book.

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