What is a Canada work permit?
Employment authorization and work visas are commonly known as work permits in Canada. A work permit is a certificate issued by the Canadian government officials that allows foreign nationals to work for a specific time period for a particular employer.
  Who should have a work permit to work in Canada?
Usually, individuals who are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada need to have a valid work permit in order to work in Canada. If your occupation is listed in Canadia's list of work categories, you do not require a work permit. Yet, you have to meet certain requirements.
  Which department of the Canadian government will issue a work permit?

Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will issue work permits, and this department or agency is responsible for dealing with issues related to citizenship and immigration.

  What are the different types of work permits?

There are two different types of work permit, and they are: work permits for those jobs that are required by the Canadian government department for HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) confirmation (HRSDC 2), and thework permits for those jobs that are exempted from the HRSDC confirmation (HRSDC 1).

  Will there be any conditions on the work permit?

Yes, if there any conditions that are directly written on your work permit itself. If any conditions are not mentioned, then there no particular conditions for your work permit. Some of the conditions likely to be listed are,
Type of work you are permitted to do
The duration you can work
Where you can
Employer you can work for

  Can my common law partner or my spouse work in Canada?

Possibly. If your common law partner or spouse wants to take up a job in Canada, even they have to meet the requirements for work permits and must apply for a work permit on their own.

  Can I become a citizen of Canada if I get married to a Canadian?

No, marrying a citizen of Canada will not grant you citizenship. You have to first apply for permanent resident status. Later on, you can apply for Canadaian citizenship and have to meet the requirements just like others who seek Canadian citizenship.

  I hold another country's citizenship, will I be losing it if I obtain Canadian citizenship?

Perhaps. According to the laws of Canada, a Canadian can become a citizen of another country as well as that of Canada. However, some countries will not let you to hold on to their citizenship after you obtain Canadian citizenship. The embassy or consulate of the country you hold citizenship will let you know more about this, if this applies to you.

  I need to change anything if my PR card has something missing or there is a mistake therein?

If the mistake is made by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), you can apply for reissuing the PR card. Please be informed that if your surname name has more than 20 characters, or your name is exceeding 15 characters, the name will be shortened on the PR card. Do not consider this as a mistake and CIC will not make any changes, pertaining to this.

  Who is considered as a PR (Permanent Resident) of Canada?

Any person who came to Canada on an immigrant visa is considered as a permanent resident of Canada. On the first date of your arrival as an immigrant, you will be considered as a permanent resident. In order to be considered as a PR visa holder, you must meet the requirements under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

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