350% Increase in Indians Applying for Canada Study Permits in Last 5 Years -8th April, 2019

350% Increase in Indians Applying for Canada Study Permits in Last 5 Years
The Indian citizens' number in Canada on Study Permits has increased by approximately 350 percent in the latest five years, the recent figures reveal.

Indians increased above Chinese citizens as the first nation for Study Permit holders in the year 2018, as numbers rose to 172,625 from the previous 38,460 in the year 2014.

During the corresponding period, the Chinese Study Permit holders number has progressed from the previous 107,815 to 142,985.

The numbers reveal how India has quickly grown as the most critical source country for universities and colleges in Canada looking to improve its global student populations.

Indian and Chinese Citizens control the Canadian landscape Study Permit holders. Of the 572,415 whole Study Permit holders in 2018 in Canada, 315,610 of them, or 55%, were either Chinese or Indian.

South Koreans continued the 3rd place in securing many Canadian Study Permits in the year 2018, with a sum of 24,195.

A 03-step process has been set in Canada aiming global students. First, they contain Study Permits meanwhile in their full-time education, the second step is to become qualified for a Post Graduation Work Permit and in the third step, and they can utilize all the experience accumulated to qualify for Canada PR.

 All these made Canada one of the stronger engaging nations in the globe for international students considering their study choices.

Ottawa declared in Oct 2018 that it will allow higher than a million immigrants over the following three years, and a notable chunk of those are assumed to be foreign students who are graduating from Universities in Canada.

The Canadian government recognizes them as blue-chip current Permanent Residents of Canada: young people with an education in Canada, understanding of the Canadian official languages, often with work experience in Canada. It puts them now on the integration pathway.

Since getting to power in fall 2015, the Liberal Canadian government has tried to make it simpler for global students to obtain PR.

International Graduate Programs of Provinces

In Quebec province, the stream of international graduate, which forms a portion of the Quebec Experience Program, is the exclusive provincial program that grants permanent Residence to the undergraduate degree and diploma holders, without having an employment offer.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program operates an identical program without the requirement for an employment offer, but it is focused at Masters and Ph.D. graduates. The education criteria, therefore it is more difficult, and the applicant must have French or English at Canadian Benchmark 7 or above. The Ontario Master’s and Ph.D. streams are initiated periodically during the year.

Citizenship Made Simpler

Current changes to citizenship demands are also advantageous to foreign students, enabling them to calculate their time spent in Canada during study towards an application of citizenship. Study permit holders able to count as half day for every full day spent in Canada for an application of citizenship, up to the highest of a year.

At the corresponding time, the entire physical presence demand was decreased from 04 years in 06 to 03 years in five, letting global students become citizens of Canada just 02 years after becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

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