Processing of applications of Family visa in Australia
June 06, 2018

Processing of applications in Family visa is taking 50 years in Australia

The facts

Limited slots and a high demand for family visas have inflated the waiting periods to get a visa to an unlikely 50 years.

Indian migrants want the presence of parents to accompany them in Australia. They apply for a permanent visa under the Non-Contributory Parent visa for the parents. There is a possibility that a visa application will not be decided before 2048. Parents arrive on bridging visas and get permission to reside in Australia, but there is a bar on accessing Medicare benefit till there is a decision on their applications. In this time the applications go through the processing stage their health may not be as good as it is today. This will make them medically unfit for getting a visa. Thus they cannot avail a permanent residency.

The Department of Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs has published the present processing time necessary for family visas. The applications for parent visas can approximately take 30 years. The time necessary for processing the visa applications for Aged Dependent Relative/Remaining Relative may take up to 50 years. This is the observation as per its website.

The authorities assess applications in the order of lodging and accordingly place in a queue.   After reaching the cap for a particular year the un-assessed applications are put for a long waiting period for processing subsequently.

As per the information released by the Department of Home Affairs regarding migration planning levels, it will give 1500 parent visas, 7,175 contributory parent visas. There are 500 other family visas in which even the Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative visas figure.

Parental visa

Some family visas, like parents visas have a great demand. The annual migration planning permits very few visas in the parents’ category but their demand is steeply rising. As a result, there is a long queue which will need a couple of decades to bear fruit.

The parent visas have a great appeal as the applicants can stay with their children but any bridging visa, and other types of visas, (like the Remaining Relative visa) do not enjoy popularity.

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