Among the non-EU migrants, Indians at the top in the UK -1st December, 2017

Among the non-EU migrants, Indians at the top in the UK

India has the largest migrant group among the non-European Union nations which have settled in the UK. Taken as a whole, migration in the country has been reduced during 2016, as per the recent data released.

The National Statistics Office of UK has figures which show that 305,000 Indians moved to the UK from July 2016 to June 2017. This made India the most common migrant nation behind Poland, the Republic of Ireland and Romania.

The data found a decrease in the net migration to the UK by 106,000 to rest at 230,000 during the period. This was registered after the EU referendum for Brexit took place in June 2016.

Nicola White, Head of Migration Statistics, ONS, said that the decline trails high levels of immigration, and one is not sure to classify as a long-term trend. The changes imply that Brexit, is a factor in the decision of the people, to move in or away from the UK. All decisions on migration are complex and other factors also influence the figures.

The non-EU citizens, leaving the UK, have remained steady, in the past year, but many EU citizens opted to leave the UK. The increase in this sector was by one third. The figures reveal the fact that EU citizens opting to leave the UK increased by 29 percent (123,000). Among them, 43,000 wanted to return home.

Between July 2016 and June 2017, 572,000 people reached the UK, and 342000 left it. Immigration declined by 80,000 people in the year- and EU citizens came in small numbers to live in the UK. The figures show that the number of people arriving in the UK for doing a definite job remained stable, but people coming to look for work, among EU citizens, went down by 43 percent.

The ONS mentions that the present decline in net migration was the largest annual decrease and is now staying at a comparable level to 2014. The overseas students arriving in Britain also decreased by 23,000 and stood at 141,000.

The government of the Conservative party in the UK has plans to reduce net yearly migration to a few thousand and the newest figures were greeted by the ministers. Brandon Lewis, Immigration Minister, UK said that whereas net migration decreased by 106,000, the proportion of immigrants arriving on confirmed jobs emphasized that the present system is meeting the business needs of the country.

Labour party said that the figures proved that the Government must not pursue the futile target of reducing net migration to less than 100,000.

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