April 3rd announced as the application intake date for US H1B
March 17, 2017

April 3rd announced as the application intake date for US H1B
United States will start accepting applications under the most talked about program H1B, from April 3rd 2017. This news has come as a relief amidst all the doubts and questions which were raised regarding US planning to curb intake under this program.

As of now only the intake date is announced, US has not specified till when applications will be accepted. Till last year, the applications were accepted for first five business days; however the quota got over in a couple of days only.

Quota of 65,000 is reserved for applicants under general category while 20,000 for foreign students who have completed their masters or higher degree from a US institution. This combined makes total of 85,000 intake for H1B visa.

This year, the premium processing is suspended by USCIS for 6 months hence the categories like research and scientific institutions will be unable to apply. Research and scientific institution category is not covered under the limit of 85,000 quota.

No changes are notified by USCIS in this year’s H1B program. This is a relief for prospective migrants especially Indians to US as there were many anticipations on changes in the program. 

The applicants filling for H1B in April 2017 will be subjected to fiscal year 2018 cap.

“All cap-subject H-1B petitions filed before April 3, for the FY 2018 cap will be rejected,” USCIS said.

H1B allows US companies to employ manpower from outside US for occupations which require specialized knowledge. Such occupations may include fields in STEM like sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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