Australia - Attractive Destination for Indians Despite prevailing Visa Rules
August 27, 2018

Australia - Attractive Destination for Indians Despite prevailing Visa Rules

Many Indian migrants have made an impact on the Australian society. Moreover, India is a main source of skilled migration to Australia and Indians have contributed in a big way to its economy.

A Recent Discussion Paper for the Australia India Institute, of Melbourne entitled The Recent Transformation of Indian Skilled Migration to Australia reveals that in 2016-17 14,899 primary applicants received permanent skilled category visas. The figure was 12,649 in 2015-16 and 9,825 in 2008-09.

Indians have a high labor market participation, as well as earnings and employment rates. They also offer a productivity premium because of their young age, good level of English, tertiary training and finally acculturation. Indians are in top demand in Australia.

The Figures

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the Figures showing that taxpayers born in India have generated billions for the economy in 2011-12. It was $7.9 billion among the $53.4 billion total income generated by immigrant taxpayers. Furthermore, from 2008-09 to 2016-17, 114,640 Indians received visas in Permanent Skilled Migration Program. India became second top source of Temporary Visa Applicants, for Australia. It issued 96,212 new visas.

India will witness a significant decline in numbers owing to immigration policy changes which came into effect in March 2018.

The changes mainly affect the applicants of temporary visas, which proceed to convert them into permanent residency.

In the previous 457 visa, all successful applicants could stay in Australia for four years. In this time they had the eligibility to apply for extending their stay and, convert the status of onshore to permanent residence.

The Future

However, in the new policy, Australia has abolished 457 temporary visas and has replaced it by two Eligible Skill Migration Lists.

Furthermore it has banned 215 occupations from temporary labor migration. The measure to affect temporary Indian workers in a big way is the new Short-Term Skilled Occupation List. It permits just two year entry for all applicants in 253 occupations only. The successful applicants can submit the application for extending the stay, there is no possibility to change it to PR status.

Moreover, there are eight deletions in IT, seven in professional engineering, and one in nursing and business/commerce fields feature from temporary labor migration list. Finally, the number of fields to grant four-year permanent visas stands reduced. Australia thus remains an attraction for skilled Indian workers and more people will take an interest to reach it.  We at Zentora help all aspirants to fulfill this dream.

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