Australian Government keen to have New Visas for Regional Cities
September 08, 2018

Australian Government keen to have New Visas for Regional Cities

Aussies Govt. moving Immigrant Visas to Regional Cities

Presently Australia has a new government and the Prime Minister Scott Morrison is likely to introduce a new visa. This will encourage skilled professionals to migrate to regional areas of the country. Many people moving to Australia wish to work and live in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. This leads to denial of important skills, to other cities.

The Government will move ahead with new skilled and family visas. Additionally, this means that migrants will be forced to spend some years in regional areas before they reach Sydney/Melbourne .

There are many visa programs in Australia which aim to encourage overseas people to move to regional areas. These include the Skilled Regional Visa and the Migration Scheme visas Sponsored by Regions.

Immigrants prefer Developed Cities

The fact pointed out by businesses is that when the people become PRs they move to the big cities. The regional cities need skilled professionals who can stay there and carry on with their life in the area.

Official data demonstrates that 90% permanent arrivals opt to settle in the big cities located the on East coast of Australia. The employers in cities of Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth can do nothing about it. Furthermore the unclear point is the way in which the new visa program will work to compel visa holders regarding not moving.

There is sure way to mandate the living of new Immigrants in regional Australia. Moreover, there is the power to facilitate it. Alan Tudge, the new Minister for Cities and Urban Infrastructure is in favor of the idea.

A Broad Distribution of Migrants

The Minister finds the right incentives and encouragement of more migrants to move in regional areas to be a great challenge. Moreover, the immigration should be in the national interest. There must be a broad distribution of migrants instead of all of them eager to settle in Melbourne or Sydney. Zentora provides guidance and has the expertise to advice the immigrants in this area. Please contact us.

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