Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver Figure in Ten Most Livable Cities of the World -16th August, 2018

The Economist brings out a list regarding the Global Livability Index as per living conditions in 140 cities around the world. There is a place for Three Canadian cities in it. These are Calgary, Toronto as well as Vancouver.

While comparing the list of 2017 survey, Calgary has replaced Toronto for the fourth place. There was a drop in Vancouver and Toronto of three places and they are now 6th and 7th respectively.

Vienna, the Austrian capital was the world’s most livable city after it displaced Melbourne, Australia, for the first spot.

This Global Index is published every year. Moreover, it measures living conditions prevalent in 140 cities in the world on five categories of:

  • Stability
  • Healthcare
  • Culture and Environment
  • Education
  • Infrastructure

Each city gets a livability score depending upon quality and quantity of factors among the five categories. When a city achieves 100/100 in a category it means an ideal situation.

The consideration of factors in each category is as follows:

  1. Stability: Depends on the prevalence of crime, terror threats, military conflict and civil unrest.
  2. Healthcare: There is a focus on the availability and quality of healthcare both in the private and public sectors. Availability of over-the-counter drugs and general healthcare indicators.
  3. Culture and Environment: Here there is measurement of indicators like temperature rating, climate, corruption, social/religious restrictions, availability of food and drinks, and social indicators.
  4. Education: Availability and quality of both public and private education.
  5. Infrastructure: This assesses the quality of roads, public transport, housing, and other indicators.

Performance of Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto

Calgary had 100% score in four categories, but had a shortcoming in Culture and Environment. Vancouver and Toronto had 100% score for Education and Healthcare.

Vancouver also was the only city to get 100% score in Culture and Environment category.

The table is a summary of scores in all categories:

City Rank Overall Rating Stability Healthcare Culture &Environment Education Infrastructure
Calgary Alberta 4 97.5 100 100 90 100 100
Vancouver, British Columbia 6 97.3 95 100 100 100 92.9
Toronto, Ontario 7 97.2 100 100 97.2 100 89.3

Calgary, popular choice for newcomers

The population of Calgary is 1.26 million people and it is located in Alberta. Recently it has witnessed substantial growth, as a popular destination for new arrivals in Canada.

As per the recent Statistics, the number of immigrants in the metropolitan area of Calgary had a growth reaching 404,700 in 2016.

Toronto and Vancouver are also the favorite destinations for immigrants. Immigrants have a share of 46 percent in Toronto and 40.8 percent in Vancouver in 2016.

Finally, there are popular immigration options in all the provinces of Ontario Alberta, and British Columbia.

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