Canada has launched Global Skills Visa Program to recruit skilled/talented immigrants
June 15, 2017

Canada has launched Global Skills Visa Program to recruit skilled/talented immigrants

Canada’s government will manifest a new program which is the Global Skills Visa program which would recruit skilled immigrants for top notch companies who will get Visa issued for the hired employees in less time.

Earlier Microsoft, in the year 2014 had also sought an exemption to hire skilled and talented immigrants from other countries who can work for company’s growth and technological advancement. This step has been taken to make ease of Visa issued to the skilled employees so as to put Canada influential in world’s Global business arena.

Global Skills Visa program will be 7.8 million 224 months pilot project which would take 2-3 weeks to bring the foreign talents to Canada and place it with a profitable opportunity. The period of six months is a long haul for the aspirants to wait for the requirement they have been picked with immediate work commencement.

The world has become center stage of the grave competition and to sustain for an inconceivable time; it requires advance skills and immaculate knowledge.

The Canadian companies along with the ones who have made a significant investment in Canada or relocated their businesses to Canada can apply for the Global Skills Visa program.It would cost $1000 excluding the actual visa cost. Skilled Employees can contact the IRCC, LMIA and Labor market benefit plan to help access this service.

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