Canada – The Immigrant Access Fund changes its name
August 31, 2018

The Immigrant Access Fund changes its name

History of benefits

Right from 2005, Immigrant Access Fund Canada had the aim of helping several skilled migrants . It is a boon, so far to 4000 persons, offering $21M  in microloans, and they have restarted their careers.

Its CEO, Claudia Hepburn , made the announcement that the charity, has decided to change its name, to Windmill Micro lending.

Immigrants possess a high level of education, rich experience and a good skill set, which goes waste. Microloans help to convert the skills of newcomers, into credentials and careers, in a way similar to the windmill, converting wind energy into productive uses. The benefits are offering strategies, insights and information for new Canadian Immigrants

It addresses social issues

Whenever there are Underemployed immigrants, there is a cost involved to Canada. The Conference Board of Canada says that it is $13 billion annually. Windmill Micro lending, is addressing this issue, by offering loans, at a low-interest to skilled immigrants and refugees. This helps them to cover the cost of obtaining Canadian credentials. The loans in the range of $10,000, help in reducing, the financial barriers, and permit the newcomers, to restart their careers and improve their opportunities.

Andreas Souvaliotis, Windmill Board Director and CEO of Carrot Rewards, says that they are change makers. The new name and brand will help in attracting more skilled professionals, who can derive benefit from their service.

Windmill, has its origin in Calgary, in 2004. It is innovative by nature, and this social enterprise, has become a national charity, enjoying the support of Community Foundations, Famous Philanthropists, Corporations and also the Government.

Its performance

Showing impressive results, Windmill helps the clients, to increase their income, and find employment, matching with their experience and skills. It has also filled up, the shortages in labor market in healthcare and engineering. Moreover, it enjoys a repayment rate of 97.5%.

The new brand and name identity were viewed by Mohamad Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, who is a philanthropist. He has earned the name as an advocate for refugees and immigrants. Economic integration is a vital part of integration process. It makes you feel like belonging in Canada and contributing to its growth.

Windmill Micro lending

In the past it was Immigrant Access Fund Canada, and is a large and successful micro lending charity for Canadian skilled immigrants . It has the aim of converting the potential into prosperity by offering loans low-interest to help them in obtaining the credentials. Its headquarters is in Calgary, and it has offices in Saskatoon, Toronto, and Edmonton. Finally it is a registered charity having great support from granting agencies donors, and sponsors.

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