Canada Immigration Offers Many Options to the Human Resource Managers -20th April, 2019

Canada Immigration Offers Many Options to the Human Resource Managers
Human Resource Managers belong to the NOC 0112 category and have a good demand in Canada. The Canada Express Entry System targets this position and the persons having the skills and experience in it have a good chance to submit the immigration application. Furthermore, besides the Express Entry, HR Managers feature on the target occupation list in the provinces of BC, Quebec, New Brunswick and also in Manitoba. There are many options in immigration for these Managers.

The Duties

HR managers perform these duties:

  • Planning, organizing, direct, controlling, and evaluating the operations of departments in Human Resources/Personnel,
  • Laying a Plan regarding the requirements in concurrence with other managers of various departments.
  • Coordinating activities regarding the internal/external training and recruitment,
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures regarding the labor relations and also negotiating collective agreements,
  • Administering programs for language training, employee development, and health/safety measures,
  • Advising and assisting departmental managers in interpreting and administering personnel policies/programs,
  • Overseeing the classification as well as the rating of occupations.
  • Organizing and conducting meetings on employee information on matters of employment policy, benefits/compensation and also participating in joint committees,
  • Directing the quality management program of the organization, and finally
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation regarding the Pay Equity Act.

Salaries of HR Manager

They also play a leading role and efficiently operate their department. Having the task of ensuring that all employee relations and employee management functions go through the proper planning, and implementation the experienced professionals attract a good salary in Canada. Furthermore, they can earn $140,000 per year. The professionals with less experience can earn in the range between $75,000 -$85,000. When the candidates enter Canada and work using the GTS, they can seek permanent residence either through Express Entry or through the various Provincial Nomination Programs.

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