Canada is a Good Option for Candidates Striving to Get Australian PR
September 15, 2018

Canada is a Good Option for Candidates Striving to Get Australian PR

If you are a proficient worker with the appropriate experience, skills, and background, you can make Canada your permanent home by its Express Entry Program. Like Australia, the skilled migration program in Canada is also a points-based system which is intended to bring highly qualified and experienced professionals to meet its skills needs.

Changes in Australia Skilled Migration Program

Following the current reforms to Australia’s visa system, many skilled migrants are fighting to restore their hope of becoming permanent residents of Australia. Migration specialists understand the ‘visa changes’ have negatively affected the possibilities of these candidates in the skilled visa categories.

Many candidates who are striving to reach the desired standards for Australian PR in now target to move to Canada. But Canada is a viable choice for these candidates. The visa sector has seen considerable developments in the last two years. Some of our customers are now remarkably distressed about their Australian prospects and aim to appeal to Canada in great hopes.

Abolition of Subclass 457 Visa

We've seen an influence due to the reforms to the skilled profession lists and state nomination criteria. Some candidates also had their dreams smashed due to the cancellation of 457 visas and more newly, due to an increment in points limit from 60 to 65 for skilled visas.

There is not much variation regarding the point system outlined for various skill subsets, the experience of job and the English language ability of the prospective candidate, he states. We suggested that people must use our online tool for Migrate to Canada and we will show if they satisfy the criteria to obtain into the Express Entry pool.

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