Canada Secures First Place in the Visitors List of Overstaying Visas
August 13, 2018

Canada Secures First Place in the Visitors List of Overstaying Visas

The number of immigrants who were deemed to leave the U.S through a current period of 12-months but continued after the visa expiry of their visas is dropped insignificantly. The Department of Homeland Security announced last week.

In spite of President Trump’s Target on Mexico immigrants, for the following straight year, Canada remained the top place for overstays succeeded by Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and the United Kingdom, as per the 43-page statement.

The report reveals that a sum of 701,900 individuals whose visas expired through the ending of the year last Sept. 30, they took permissions for overstaying, counting only immigrants who accessed by air and seaports.

Statistics of Overstaying Visas

D.H.S illustrates an overstay as a non-immigrant who was legally allowed to the U.S for an approved period but stayed in the U.S exceeding his or her approved admission period.

Overall, the financial 2017 overstay rates are below than those shown in the prior year’s report, D.H.S said. From October 2015 by September 2016 there were around 739.478 overstays between visitors who reached by ship or plane — an approximately 38,000 fall in overstays.

The entire overstays number in 2017 serves only 1.3 percent of the 52.7 million visitors who arrived to the United States by seaport or air with the presumed departure at that time. They entered with admissions of nonimmigrant like for pleasure or business with visas of B1 and B2, students and exchange students with specific visas and extra permissions, the D.H.S report said.

The government has decreased the total rate remains to 1.3 percent from 1.5 in the prior economic year of 2016, at the equivalent period that the nation was getting 4.8 percent more tourists at airports.

C.B.P shows that there has been a notable drop in the suspected overstays number that were added at the end of the financial year 2016. By first May 2018, they were decreased from 629 thousand to 340 thousand, representing a rate of just 0.67 percent of them continuing in the Nation.

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