Report: Indians are Attracting More Towards Canadian Jobs than US Jobs
October 06, 2018

Indians are Attracting More Towards Canadian Jobs than US Jobs

Many Indian job-seekers looking to Canada and it’s mainly due to tightening the requirements of U.S. work visa. That’s as per the new report from Indeed which is a job search engine.

The report observed that in the August 2016, 6 percent of all searches arising in India for jobs country outside were for Canada jobs. By July 2018, that number had more than increased to 13 percent. In the meantime, the U.S. has lost a sizable outbound share searches from the global second-most famous country, the report stated.

Bernard- Indeed Economist Assessment on the Recent Changes in the Visa Policies

Brendon Bernard, Indeed economist revealed to Global News that America’s dynamic tone on work and immigration visas is likely why it has noticed a 10 percent decrease in searches from India in the same period.

He saw that the US visa program H-1B typically brings high-skills workers from India, especially in fields such as science, engineering and information technology. In 2017, 3 quarters of H-1B visa candidates were from India. However, since Donald Trump, U.S. President has taken office, the applying process has become longer and needs more paperwork. He noted Indian workers are searching on Indeed for Canadian high-skilled jobs ones that fall below the US H-1B visa.

Few commonly searched jobs included mechanical engineer, business analyst, project manager and software developer. Bernard demonstrated that reforming visa policies is possible the principal reason Indian workers are looking to Canada rather than the U.S. But there are different reasons Canada is enhancing a more pleasant prospect to international workers.

Most newly, Microsoft declared a new Canada headquarters set to begin in Toronto in September 2020. Greenwood continued that many foreign workers who moved to tech hubs such as Silicon Valley of California have passed on to grow leaders in their field. It could be a chance for the Canada industry to grow, he stated.

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