Changes in Visa has affected the intake of Australia's annual skilled immigration -11th August, 2017

Changes in Visa has affected the intake of Australia's annual skilled immigration
As per the new research, to slash Australia's skilled immigration annually, the government's visa crackdown  is on track. The intake of annual skilled immigration for Australia is reported to be more than 55,000 or about the quarter of the total.

A study suggests that the move would ease the overcrowding and at the same time house price growth. Bob Birrell, demographer claims that Australia's visa for the permanent employer will fall by at least two-third and there would also be a fall in the issue of temporary 457 visas. As per the report, it also claims that if the government changes from March 2018 that would make it more tough for the foreign students to stay even after their studies.

The report of “ The Coalition's 457 Visa Reset : Tougher than you think” says that start of the coalition would destroy the two pillars of the previous immigration policy – of encouraging the employers to employ as many foreign temporary skilled workers as per their requirement and then facilitate the transition for permanent residency through the employer sponsorship.

Mr. Birrell said in his statement that either of the major political party is prepared to tackle the issue of immigrations.

The reports also claim that the 250 occupations that have been issued would no longer be eligible as permanent employer sponsored visa will fall by two-thirds. Employers in future would also loose their interest in sponsorship. As per the minimum visa salaries of $53,000 laid down for the visa holders the employers would have to pay an additional training levies and visa costs, they would also be required to provide evidence that they have labour market tested.

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