Chinese secure a better chance to get the US Visa than Indians -25th November, 2017

Chinese secure a better chance to get the US Visa than Indians
Analyzing the data a trend is revealed that the USA prefers Chinese citizens compared to Indians. When an Indian applies for a non-immigrant visa for entering the US, the chances of obtaining it are less compared to a Chinese applicant.

With an analysis of Visa refusal rate, India has it (26%) twice more than China (12.4%). Visa refusal rate of China has declined between 2006 and 2016, but for India, it has gone up. This reflects that the US has swerved towards China.

China has warmed for foreign companies, and has attracted several European and American businesses and has improved its international image. Cuba has a high US visa refusal rate of 81.9%, for Saudi Arabia, it is 4%, and for Israel, it is 4.1%.

When the BRICS countries are considered, Brazil has 16.7% Russia 9.35%, India 26%, China 12.4% and South Africa 6.8%.

Applications to US travel take several months following this process:

  • Online Submission of the non-immigrant visa application.
  • Paying the application fee and signing up for an interview.
  • Gathering documents showing steady life without a chance to overstay.

Recommended Documents:

  • Introduction letter from employer
  • An Invitation Letter from the USA
  • Passport
  • Statements from Bank
  • Any other document proving the desire to return home.

The Interview:

An interview can take up to four months. On the selected date, you meet an officer of the Foreign Service. Sometimes a request is denied even without looking at documents. The case can be referred for a profound review.

The information given is checked against databases.

Officers in US agencies conduct interviews and further research into the background of an applicant.

After all these checks the visa is issued.

American Customs Officers additionally conduct behind-the-scenes screening at the airport.

Upon arrival, an applicant is questioned by customs officials and can be screened for another time.

Denial of Application varies from one country to another and no reason is given for it. In 2015 over a dozen countries had a denial rate exceeding 60 percent.

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