Express Entry Canada reaches a new high for ITAs in June 2018 -28th June, 2018

In the present month there were two draws in Express Entry inviting 7,500 candidates totally to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Furthermore these facts show that it was a busy month from the time Canada introduced the system of Express Entry in 2015.

In both the all-program draws IRCC issued 3,750 Invitations each during June. Additionally these were the largest invitation rounds of 2018.

Express Entry is the system that manages the applications in a pool of candidates for three main economic immigration classes of Canada. These are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Classv
  • Canadian Experience Class

The candidates getting the highest rank in the EE pool receive the ITAs in regular invitation rounds.

The figure of ITAs issued in all-program draws of the year of 2018 has steadily increased during the year. The year commenced with two draws of 2,750 ITAs in January. Subsequently there were four draws of 3,000 ITAs in February as well as in March. Later there were four draws of 3,500 ITAs in April and also in May.

More big draws will happen

In June 2017 the candidates received 3,409 ITAs but in June 2018 they received 7,500 smashing the previous EE ITA record.

During the entire year - 2017, IRCC issued 86,023 ITAs over. In 2018, IRCC has so far issued 39,700.

In case IRCC wishes to match/exceed the total of 2017 in issuing ITA in this year, which is possible owing to a high admissions target for 2018, the draw sizes are likely to be large. Furthermore there will be frequent draws in the future months.

The Large draw sizes, and frequent invitation rounds, can also result in lowering the CRS score. The second draw held on June 25th, had the cut-off CRS score of 442 only.

In the June 13th draw, IRCC had a gap of three weeks between all-program draws, which permitted more candidates in entering the pool. Moreover, the CRS cut-off increased from 440 to 451.

The June 25th draw happened 12 days later, and the pool had a reduced time to refill. This was the reason behind the dropping of CRS score by nine points and touching 442.

In case IRCC has the schedule of invitation rounds with large draws at fortnightly intervals through the summer, the CRS score will be reduced further.

It is a matter of watching what additional steps IRCC plans to take to achieve the targets.

60-day application deadline

Express Entry news in June was the announcement by IRCC regarding the 60-day deadline to apply for permanent residence. It will be effective from June 26, 2018.

IRCC is resuming its 60-day limit, which was changed to 90 days in Nov 2016, for better customer service.

The reason behind this change is the proposed design of Express Entry as the process delivering accelerated results for clients. Fast processing of PR applications was always the goal of the Express Entry system.

In a year end-report on Express Entry - 2017, IRCC states that 80 percent Federal Skilled Worker applications during the year passed the process stage in four months from the instance IRCC receives a complete application.

Additionally after reducing the deadline of application by 30 days, IRCC can make the Express Entry process faster.

Furthermore the change will permit IRCC to know about the candidates who receive ITAs applying/declining their invitations quickly.

Moreover, these benefits have an additional a cost and an added pressure on applicants to collect and submit necessary documents quickly.

The December 2017 report finds that 41 percent EE candidates receiving the ITA after Nov 2016 took benefit from the extended deadline to submit their application in the range of 61 to 90 days after getting ITA. 57 percent submitted their complete application in the 60 days period.

With the time reduction for submitting an application and the supporting documents, it is important to have all necessary documents in hand ready for submission. Candidates need to learn about all necessary documents and collect them rapidly.

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