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Manitoba conducted the second Expression of Interest draw in this year and invited 456 candidates seeking the provincial nomination. They belonged to

Skilled Worker Overseas,
Skilled Worker in Manitoba and finally
International Education immigration streams

The date of the draw was Jan 31.

Manitoba Expression of Interest system

The candidates of these streams belonging to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program get the selection for provincial nomination by using an Expression of Interest system. Furthermore, the candidates have to register their profiles with the Program. Depending on the information in the profile concerning a range of eligibility factors like work experience, education, proficiency in language etc. The profiles also get a score. The top scoring candidates get the Letters of Advice and they can apply for a provincial nomination in a later draw.

Skilled Worker Overseas stream

Many EE candidates whose numbers were received not specified received the invitation to apply in the Express Entry pathway of Skilled Worker Overseas stream. 299 candidates among Skilled Workers Overseas received LAA to Apply in the draw of January 31. The minimum score necessary for them was 572.

Additionally, such candidates obtaining the provincial nomination from the province receive additional 600 CRS score points effectively guaranteeing an invitation to apply for them. This makes the road to get the permanent residence in Canada easy in the succeeding Express Entry draws.

The criteria

These are the criteria for other candidates of this stream succeeding in the Jan 31 draw:

  • A connection to the province also where a close relative resides or has past education/work experience
  • six months of recent work experience in an occupation in the top demand list of Manitoba and finally,
  • language proficiency of NCLC / CLB 5 unless the work experience is in a regulated occupation (minimum NCLC / CLB 7) or a compulsory trade (NCLC / CLB 6).

16 candidates received an invitation under Skilled Worker Overseas stream by using the Strategic Recruitment Initiatives of the Program. Furthermore, the candidates had to achieve the minimum score of 705 for selection.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream

124 of the 456 invitations were issued to candidates in the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream. The minimum necessary score was 575. Under this Stream, international student graduates, and temporary overseas workers presently working in the province and having a job offer from a local employer can apply to seek the provincial nomination.

International Education Stream

Candidates of this Stream received 17 invitations in this draw. International students completing the graduation from the post-secondary institutions of the province and also having skills as required by local employers can apply to seek the provincial nomination in this stream. These are the three pathways

  • Career Employment Pathway,
  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway and finally,
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
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