Extension in Canadian Open Work Permit Pilot for sponsored spouses and partners -1st February, 2019

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The Canada Open Work Permit Pilot gets the fourth extension since its introduction.


The federal government in Canada has decided to extend the Open-Work Permit Pilot, for sponsored common-law partners and spouses, presently residing in Canada, and who are in the process to applying for Canada PR in the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class. IRCC has also announced a further extension to this Pilot program. It was scheduled to expire on Jan 31, 2019, but the new date for it is July 31, 2020. Additionally, this is the fourth extension of this Pilot after it was introduced in 2014.

The scope of the Pilot

Through this pilot, eligible spouses and partners, who are living in Canada, and who are under the sponsorship of citizens or permanent residents in the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class, can apply to seek the open work permit. Furthermore, this permit is not tied to any specific job or to an employer. There is a restriction on Employment in childcare/healthcare and the applicants have to obtain the necessary medical clearance.

The eligibility norms

Moreover, the eligibility norms require that they must have a temporary resident status that holds validity. They can be visitors, workers, or students, and also reside at the same address as that of their sponsor. Canada also has a belief that when families can do work while living closely they have better integration. By extending the pilot the applicants can work, and also make a provision for their families. They will also be in a position to make a fruitful contribution to the economy while waiting for the processing of their PR applications.

Obtaining the Open Work Permit

Individuals who apply in the Open Work Permit Pilot can submit the application for work permit simultaneously with the sponsorship application, along with the application seeking permanent residence.

Applicants, who submitted the PR application already but did not obtain it, have to submit the application for it separately.

Applicants already receiving the in principle approval regarding the permanent residence application denoting receiving a letter from IRCC regarding meeting the PR eligibility requirements, but their family members have not passed the background, medical, and security checks can apply seeking the open work permit online.

Finally, IRCC has stated that all individuals who possess the work permit through the pilot program have to apply seeking its extension before the expiry of the present permit.

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