February 2019: Details Regarding UK Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship Certificates -6th February, 2019

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The eventual Brexit is only two months away. Moreover, many employers are worried regarding the question of not being able to recruit workers from EU. The UK Tier 2 visa system and Tier 2 Sponsor License is bureaucratic, expensive, and confusing not suitable for this purpose. Applications meet the refusal for minor mistakes or owing to a few mistakes made because of not understanding the long and confusing Tier 2 visa guidelines and documents of the Government. In case the Government has the interest to help employers then authorities need to contact employers to correct the mistakes. They need not refuse applications in Tier 2 Sponsor License outrightly.

Furthermore, after the recent meeting on Tier 2 visa allocation of restricted sponsorship certificates, the number of Certificate of Sponsorship for Feb 2019 is 2,317, as per the Visa and Immigration data of the Kingdom. The department has also published the report of December, mentioning the correctness of figures as on 22 Jan 2019.

It is compulsory for the employers having the Tier 2 Sponsorship License to apply for Sponsorship Certificates for immigrants that they intend to employ. Restricted certificates are necessary in many cases to take in migrants who reside outside the Kingdom. For many applicants wishing to switch to a Tier 2 visa while staying within the UK, the restricted Certificate is not necessary. Moreover, there is no necessity of the restricted COS for Intra-Company transfer applicants in Tier 2. As per the present UK immigration system, unused restricted COS Tier 2 to employ people who currently reside outside the Kingdom, are subject to reclamation after three months. This helps to boost the availability of restricted COS. Such reclaimed certificates not used within three months for January were 168.

The allocation meeting for January, Tier 2 Certificates was held on 11 Jan 2019. All applications filed till 5 January were successful, on having a score of 21 points necessary for an approved application.

The next meeting for UK Visa allocation will be held on 11 February to indicate the number of Tier 2 COS available for March 2019. We provide the latest trends and details and all the interested persons can contact us

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