Federal Government Successful in Spreading New Immigrants Across Canada - November 06, 2018

Federal Government Successful in Spreading New Immigrants Across Canada

The recent figures on Canadian immigration reveal that the Canadian government is slowly winning its fight to get current PR’s to reach out. Traditionally, current Economic Class immigrants have lived in the greater provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, drawn by the significant cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Facts About New Immigrants Spreading

But the recent figures reveal 34%, or more than one third, of newcomers, lived outside those 03 provinces in 2017. Rewind 20 years to 1997 and that number was only 10%.

These figures reveal that steps practiced by the Canadian government are running good. The significant modification made over this timeline of 20-year period is the development for the Programs of Provincial Nomination.

Remarkable smaller Canadian provinces such as Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia received remarkable plenty of Economic Class immigrants by their P.N.P's.

These current permanent residents own specific skills that assist drive the economies of their destination province. The current permanent number of residents coming in by the P.N.P's is only fixed to grow, with the modern immigration levels intend to target 71,300 by 2021, higher than 61,000 in 2019.

Alongside the P.N.P's, the modern government is seeing at how it can improve policies of immigration to support the spread of immigrants.

It started the Pilot of Atlantic Immigration in the year 2017 to obtain a targeted 2,000 current permanent residents by year to the regional area. The provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick are helping from the employer-led A.I.P, as well as running their own P.N.P’s.

Following the A.I.P’s progress, other regional areas are asking for their own pilot version, most prominently Ontario Northern region. While the recent figures show the Canadian government has had victory in moving immigrants to spread out, there continues work to be done.

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