First Half of 2018 Express Entry Results reflect Consistency in CRS Scores -3rd July, 2018


The Express Entry system in Canada had a productive second quarter in 2018. 22,200 invitations were issued in this quarter, which is a record.

Moreover, the range of minimum CRS scores is presently very narrow. Most draws had two or three points necessary for receiving the ITA. The increased draw sizes show that IRCC is on the path to drive up the numbers, in order to achieve the immigration targets, for the year. In the second quarter the ITA numbers increased in comparison to the first quarter. Candidates who will receive invitation in the second quarter have a practical chance to arrive in Canada in the present year.

Important Express Entry Statistics in 2018

  • Issuing 22,200 ITAs in the second quarter of 2018, but in Q2 2017 the figure was 29,855
  • Issuing 39,700 ITAs in the first half of 2018, but in the same period of 2017 the figure was 54,507
  • In the second quarter of 2018, the last two draws, were large, and invited 3,750 candidates each,
  • Minimum CRS score was below 450 in 11 draws out of 13,
  • Strict CRS score range (441-456) excluding draw which was program-specific. In the First half of 2017 the range was 413-468
  • Half of the 12 all-program draws had a minimum CRS score, in the range of 440 to 442
  • There were only 13 draws in the first-half, which are the lowest number of draws since 2015

Quarterly Breakdown details

In the second quarter of 2017 IRCC issued the highest number of ITAs in the history of Express Entry . IRCC says that there was a need to establish an adequate pool of candidates receiving the ITAs. This means that it will take a long time before such record figures are repeated.

When there is a bank of specific candidates, having ITAs, there is a secure flow of complete applications. Moreover, there are successful applications and fresh arrivals in the country.

Furthermore, there is a need for many (around 75,000 in 2018) high skilled candidates in the immigration levels plan. Adequate data is important, for developing knowledge, regarding how the numbers of ITAs relate to real arrivals in the country.

Comparing 2017 and 2018

The difference, between the present period, and the one in 2017, is that IRCC now has a three-year plan target to achieve. This translates that the government can issue future ITAs with confidence, in the next quarters, when the invited candidates will not arrive until during the next calendar year.

The federal target for high skilled candidates is set at 81,000 for the next year, and hence the draw numbers, will increase in future in 2018.

First Half Breakdown details

The numbers for the initial six months every year, have a similar pattern to the figures in the quarter. The matter is of interest, to observe the future quarters of 2018, and see if they can match with the later quarters, of the past year.

There is a higher level plan for 2019, and the gap in ITAs will be closed.

However, the four extra draws in the first half of 2017, accounted for issuing 10,000 ITAs. Moreover, the draw numbers have constantly increased in the present year. The conclusion for 2018 is that ITAs and minimum CRS scores are consistent, than they were during 2017. The reason is that the new method to rank candidates permits IRCC, to keep exact sizes for the draw. Additionally, there is better awareness regarding the number of ITAs necessary to meet specific targets.

Additional details

Furthermore, IRCC presently has greater expertise, in managing the Express Entry system. This promotes consistency.

Except for the 11th draw, which was program-specific, the 2018 CRS scores range in the lower 440s. This also signifies that the candidates, can score somewhere near 440 to receive the ITA. Moreover the Candidates having a score below 440 need to adopt measures for increasing it.

The ideal way to increase CRS score is to get the job offer.

The Look of Express Entry Like in The second half of 2018

There was a consistency in the Express Entry during the six months of 2018. Moreover, there were no program changes. Only there was a recent change in the procedure, after June 26, 2018, in the 60-day window, for submitting an application, after getting an ITA in draws. The present scores offer a realistic look, regarding the operation of the system, in the remaining part of the year.

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