Focus on attracting Foreign Workers and Training local Workers -3rd January, 2019

Focus on attracting Foreign Workers and Training local Workers

President Trump right from the day of his inauguration prefers America first whereas the policy of Canada was the reason behind its Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Comparison between USA and Canada

American First can make sense, but all regions and countries must also get ahead.  There must be a focus on self sustenance of all communities in all respects. All have their strengths and weaknesses.

The new American policy benefits Canadians. When America has a tight policy, and also restricts its H1B visa program, and the highly skilled talents retreat from it.

Canada attracts professionals

Also Canada gets a wide opening for hiring the best and bright professionals. Canada needs to move ahead and take an advantage of this opening. Through the overseas workers immigration policy, there can be a focus on two issues. One is protecting jobs for local workers, and the other is competing at the international level, to attract the top skilled workers.

The consumers do not pay more for goods and services because they are made or are available domestically. They prefer products and services when they are good in quality and their price is comparable with foreign products. Regarding the temporary overseas workers, there is a need of less regulation to help in the growth of economy.

Government steps in

In giving jobs, to the foreign workers, there is governmental involvement. The employer in America needs to go through Labor Certification and also prove regarding making extensive efforts for finding American workers. In case he fails to find them, he applies for hiring an overseas worker. The American employer runs the exercise to open the door for such workers, and endures the extra cost of going labor certification.

In case of hiring local persons he suffers a loss of competitiveness, but for the short-term there is a benefit of employing them.

Globally attractive policies

As for competing for the international markets, America is better than Canada. Americans attract talent aggressively. Canada also needs much recruitment. They prefer to wait for foreign workers through the innovative Global Entry program, and their programs are adjusted to bring in overseas workers.

Canada can do better by getting rid of LMIA and Labor Certification. It can also spend time and funds to train domestic workers for upgrading skills. There is no need to neglect domestic workers. The focus should be on up gradation of their skills to compete at the international level. With proper focus and bright leadership results can be better.

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