For better relations and trade deal Britain should accept more Indian immigrants -29th November, 2017

For better relations and trade deal Britain should accept more Indian immigrants
Britain must agree to higher levels of immigration from India if it expects to sign a free trade deal after Brexit.

YK Sinha, High Commissioner of India to the UK, said that when Brexit happens, it may require around ten years, for Britain and India to discuss a free trade deal and agree for a free movement of people as well as professionals would be a greatly important for it.

The British Government has plans to reduce the quantum of immigration and has hinted towards ending the freedom of movement after separation the European Union in 2019.

Speaking to business leaders he stated that signing a trade deal was difficult and the deal may not happen until 2030. It needs to be beneficial reciprocally, and cannot be suited for one party alone. There must be free mobility of professionals, like Doctors, Engineers, and Technicians, and India is apprehensive about it. Both the nations sides will benefit from this exchange and it should be an exchange of both and not just be limited to one.

In January also India, had asked the UK to relax immigration rules in order to have a free trade deal.

In his visit to India, Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary was warned regarding opting for easing of restrictions for workers from India. These restrictions impact the UK business also.

Cyrus Todiwala, Restaurant Entrepreneur from India was unhappy that the Conservatives had a thoughtless scheme to tax businesses for bringing skilled workers to the UK. It would lead to the closure of many curry houses.

In April, the Immigration Skills Charge for professionals arriving on Tier 2 visas meant for skilled workers not having a Ph.D. was promulgated. It entails employers to pay £1,000 annually for an employee.

In the election manifesto in June, the Tories had urged for raising that charge to £2,000 per year but it was not pursued as they lost the majority in those elections.

Restaurant owners in London need to recruit workers from India, for their work, because skilled workers in the UK were not available. Many chefs learn from their parents, who have the present knowledge passed from the previous generations, and were not ready to teach it to novices.

He also explained that most chefs learn by staying with experts for several years. It was comparable to the way specialist technical skills were acquired in Britain for ages.

The UK is a large investor in India and based on a Commonwealth report, a free trade deal will lead to an annual increase in British exports by £2.1bn.

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