Immigration Minister of Quebec deals with Immigration and removes 18,000 applications -9th February, 2019

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Simon Jolin-Barrette, the Immigration Minister, of Quebec has provided a look into the future of Quebec immigration. There is a vision to match future immigrants with jobs. The plan is to remove 18,000 times at once. 18,139 files were not opened, and some of them had a standing of more than ten years. Furthermore, in the Initial stages, the government run by Coalition Avenir Québec had a suggestion of pausing the EOI immigration system, for dealing with the backlog. Moreover, as per the law, the processing of the files had to happen, based on the chronological order of their arrival. The stakeholders did not know that these applications will not get consideration at all.

Quebec immigration files

Presently the government plans to remove the backlog of 18,000 applications from the category of skilled workers. The dateline was applications reaching before August 2, 2018. Those applications are void for now and there will be a Fee refund to the applicants. It also includes applications submitted by people who are presently underemployment in Quebec and could to apply outside the quotas of Quebec. The government intends to make many changes to provincial immigration laws. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on skills in the French language and also on regional labor requirements.

Making a fresh start

The tabling of Bill 9 and the goal of the proposed law is to make a fresh start. There will be a personalized policy addressing the worker shortage in Quebec. Presently the unemployment rate is 6.1 percent. Simultaneously, the Minister is also discussing with his federal authorities for reducing immigration to Quebec by 20 percent. Additionally, the government proposes to adopt an agenda of the Quebec values test for fresh arrivals.

Vision for future

There is a vague vision regarding what happens when a prospective immigrant fails this test. Moreover, the government has a majority, and Bill 9 will pass to become a law. The bill also proposes to impose certain conditions on the persons who obtain permanent residence by using the Quebec system. In the future, this measure will face a challenge in the courts. Similar to the past the governments in Quebec have not managed the immigration well. This development itself is an example and is wrong ethically.


Finally, removing 18,000 applications at one go devastates many people who had a long wait. People presently residing in Quebec have a legitimate expectation to obtain PR in Canada based on the criteria set in the past. The residents of Quebec have not succeeded in numerous attempts to move the provincial immigration system online.

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