Quebec Increased the Threshold for its Immigrant Investor Program
September 24, 2018

Quebec Increased the Threshold for its Immigrant Investor Program

Check for Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) Updates

Quebec Immigration cost a candidate $1.2 million for Canada immigration by the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (Q.I.I.P). Quebec’s immigration authority (MIDI) raised the threshold for the present application window. Earlier it was $800,000.

It is a patient, government-guaranteed investment for five years tenure heading no interest. The investment is refunded following five years. The Quebec government holds the interest collected.

Q.I.I.P Validation Dates

The existing 2018-19 appeal period begins on September 10th, 2018 and is valid until March 15, 2019. Moreover, it will get 1,235 appeals from Hong Kong, China, Macau and 665 from other places. Candidates who hold advanced intermediate skills in the French language do not have to worry concerning quota limitations. Moreover, after the termination of the federal government version in 2014, this program is outstanding in the business immigration landscape. Quebec estimates for $1 billion in direct investments to the province since its origin.

The New Requirements of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

  • The legally obtained personal net worth of $2 million;
  • Two years of relevant management/business experience in the five years prior to the application;
  • Investment of $1.2 million in an enduring investment guaranteed by the government for five years bearing carrying no interest;
  • Intention to reside in the province of Quebec.

The Complete Process of Q.I.I.P

1. Gathering appropriate documentation to sustain personal net worth and managerial experience. Evidence of legal, historical accumulation of assets.

2. The whole application is reviewed by an authorized financial intermediary licensed by the government with quota allocations from immigration officials.

3. Submission of application to immigration officials.

4. Announcing a file number by the Quebec province within 30-days of reception.

5. A notice concerning the interview status or its waiver within 12 months of submission.

6. A decision in 30 days later conducting the interview.

7. Investing within 110 days of the decision by Approved candidates.

8. Receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate . It enables you to appeal for federal permanent residence.

9. Submission of application to federal officials, who handle security and medical checks.

10. Finalization of applications to issue the visa within 12 to 44 months depending upon countries.

11. Following the approval, a request for passports and a proof of PR is issued to the applicant/dependents.

12. These persons have to move to Canada before the expiry of the document of COPR.

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