India at the top among Skilled Visa Immigrants in Australia -20th July, 2018

Official data

At present Australia is seeing a fierce public debate on immigration and there is a great concern regarding jobs and overcrowding in its main cities.

The official data that 291,916 Indians have migrated and settled in the country from 2000 to 2016, says that India had the maximum professionals on a skilled visa. Among these 154,012 persons also received Australian citizenship, as per the data made public by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Many of them speak fluent English and have also bought their own homes Australia.

Country wise figures

The country wise figures of people, coming to Australia on skilled visas, shows that Indians had the top slot with 234,395 (19 percent). England had 160,558 (13 percent). This was followed by China at 146,842 - 12 percent.

The country wise figures in the family visa program show that China had 95,532 immigrants (14 percent). UK had 60,108 (8.8 percent) and Indians were 56,406 (8.3 percent). Among the 45,816 migrants who reached Australia in the humanitarian visa program, Indians were 1,097. Moreover Iraq had 37,751 migrants, as per the data.

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