Indian H1-B Workers Have Many Ways to Immigrate to Canada
August 22, 2018

Indian H1-B Workers Have Many Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Presently, the H1-B visa program in the USA is experiencing a tough time, and many Indian nationals are worried. They are opting to migrate permanently to Canada. There are many options available for Indians, and the immigration success rate for Indians is high.

The H1-B Program: Cutbacks

The H1-B visa is a popular program which made the U.S. companies to hire overseas workers for filling skilled positions in companies. 3 million H1-B visas were issued, in the last decade and most of them went to workers in fields related to technology. Among the total H1-B applications to reach the authorities, 65% came from Indians, showing the extreme popularity of the program.

President Trump has opted for extreme cutbacks in the H1-B visa program . In 2016, when President Obama held the power, 87% of H1-B applicants gained the approval. In 2017, when President Trump held the power, the approval was only 58%. Furthermore, there were many changes introduced by the administration making it difficult for H1-B visa holders to seek an extension in their stay, which is limited to 3 years.

Thus the United States is setting up roadblocks, and is creating a set of difficulties for Indian nationals, Canada is welcoming them.

Indian Citizens Get Success in Canadian Immigration

In 2017, Indians were a successful group in Canadian immigration. In the Express Entry system, for managing immigration applications, 42% invitations were issued to Indians. Professionals with experience in occupations related to technology achieved better more success than other fields.

The immigration system allows skilled workers to directly apply for PR when they qualify for a program. Moreover, on gaining permanent residency, a person gets the right to live/work in any place of Canada. There is access available to the social services and universal healthcare also. This is attractive for Many H1-B workers.

Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Several options are available for Indians who intend to immigrate to Canada. These are the best options for them.

Express Entry – FSW

Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker program caters exclusively for persons having one-year of skilled work experience. It is competitive, and also uses the Comprehensive Ranking System to give a point-based score to all applicants. The most competitive applicants pass in the selection process for immigration. The figures for 2017 reveal that 42% Indian nationals received invitations in this program. The other sources are:

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