Indian technology professionals worry: USA extends guidelines for H-1B visas
August 30, 2018

Indian technology professionals worry: USA extends guidelines for H-1B visas


Many Indian professionals took the help of Premium processing as it reduces the processing time of H-1B visa appeals from six months to 15 days. Originally, it was September 10, 2018 but has a new date. It will remain in force until February 19 2019. It was a popular measure with the Indian professionals associated with IT, and was of great help in clearing the backlog. The fee is $1,225. Through it some of the companies were in a position to move ahead in the queue.

The USCIS is extending the temporary suspension of premium processing for these petitions and, from September 11, it will expand this temporary suspension and also include a few more H-1B petitions. In such processing, the USCIS needs to give a response in 15 days to such visa applicant.

Working as per Announcement

USCIS has made an announcement in March regarding suspending premium processing temporarily for all FY 2019 petitions subject to the cap. It also had applicants requesting for an exemption for persons holding a US degree of master's or higher.

The U.S.C.I.S. has the opinion that the temporary suspension will assist it in reducing its overall processing times. Moreover, it will allow it to process all petitions, which are pending for a long time.  So far it was not in a position for processing them, owing to the great numbers in inbound petitions. There were more requests for premium processing in the last few months. The suspension will also permit it to respond to petitions which have a time-sensitive starting date. Moreover, it can prioritize the adjudication process of extension of cases that are approaching the 240-day deadline. An H-1B non-immigrant applicant can gain admissions for three years. The applicants can extend the time, but cannot go more than six years totally.

The cap of 65,000

The H-1B visa has the cap of 65,000, in each Fiscal Year, as authorized by the Congress. The initial 20,000 requests on behalf of people having a US master's degree (or higher) enjoy an exemption from the cap.

Furthermore, all workers who apply for, or are employed in higher education institutions, or in affiliated organizations, are not subject to the cap. This also includes Nonprofit Entities/Research Organizations, or Government Research Organizations. As per U.S.C.I.S., it received 2.2 million H-1B Petitions, from citizens of India

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