Indian Professionals Get Express Entry into Canada
August 08, 2018

 Indian Professionals Get Express Entry into Canada

Indian Professionals Get Express Entry into Canada

Canada is warm for many Indian technology professionals, and is keen to offer those jobs and PR status to them through its Express Entry application management system. This program is open to skilled foreign workers of all nations.  Indians are also a big beneficiary of this program.

Details of the Express Entry Program

This program is an online system for deciding PR applications in Canada and is under the management of IRCC of the Government of Canada.

After submitting the online profile the applicant is shortlisted and evaluated by using the Comprehensive Ranking System that is based on points. It makes an assessment work experience, skills, education, proficiency in language and several other factors of the applicant. There is a consideration for this score in evaluating an applicant in the E.E. pool

About the CRS Ranking

Furthermore, in the CRS pool rankings change depending on the change in circumstances of the aspirants. Only the candidates who get a top-rank are finally invited in this route to attain permanent residency.

The calculation of CRS scores is based on core CRS components among which skills and work experience are important.

Two new points were introduced in June 2017, for having a sibling of 18 years or above, and also for proficiency in French-language.

Additionally there is a tie-breaking rule when two applicants have a similar rank. The person who applies first gets a preference here.

Official information as per the Government Website, says that during 2017, it issued 86,022 invitations.  The numbers of applications received is 109,497, and 93,596 visas were issued. Furthermore, 65,401 permanent residents as well as their families gained admission in Canada.

Among the 86,022 invitations sent by IRCC 36,310 (42%) Indians received it. It occupied the top rank for Canada to get these invitations. In 2017 the figure was 33,782 and the important point to note is that the number of invitations to Indians was 11,037 in 2016 showing an impressive 300% increase in one year.

The top three occupations for sending invitations in 2017 are:

  • Information systems analysts and consultants
  • Software Engineers
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Moreover, there is a fast turnaround time in the Express Entry program. In getting the US Green Card the Indian H1B holders have to wait for 151 years but IRCC processes these applications at a very fast rate. The processing time for 80% of the cases is 6 months.

Finally, Canada gets the brightest Indian talent, for its flourishing tech ecosystem and Indian professionals are welcome when they look for opportunities.

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