Indians keen to invest - leading to increased Demand for Investment Programs -12th March, 2019

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There is a big surge in Demand among wealthy Indians to invest in overseas immigration programs. The main beneficiaries in this trend are the US EB-5 visa, Caribbean citizenship streams and finally Canadian investment programs. Additionally, there was a 320 percent growth in 2018 in the Enquiries from wealthy investors. They had the interest to seek a second passport or fast-track Permanent Residence.

Features of Investment Immigration

The reasons for Wealthy Indians to seek citizenship or PR, through the investment programs, are similar to the reasons for affluent Chinese and Russians. The Indians opting for the golden visa program do not intend to leave the country or settle in foreign destinations. They moreover want an option and a backup plan of international mobility, and access to the developed markets. Additionally, there is an interest regarding a better lifestyle for the entire family. Portugal is offering a golden visa, requiring the physical presence of only seven days in a year. The other impacting factors are a good education and fine career prospects for the children. Furthermore, the US is a desirable destination for many Indians. India will become the third country behind China and Vietnam to get an impact after the retrogression of the EB-5 visa in the present year.

Canada offers an Option in Investment

Programs in Canada are popular among high net worth Indians. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Programs offers a passive investment option. Also, many provinces operate their business programs, which require spending some time in the country or establishing a business before obtaining permanent residence.

A popular option is buying a business and moving to Canada. Additionally, there is a foreign investor-entrepreneur for purchasing a business and moving to Canada through the work permit, in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Subsequently, they can apply for permanent residence. Furthermore, the second passport or a PR permit is a valuable hedge against political risk in the future. Indians seek a better life, and there is a great preference for the USA, Australia, and Canada. Among the EU nations Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Spain, and Greece are very popular.

Preference for PR against Citizenship

India does not permit dual citizenship and so its citizens prefer permanent residency through investment. The Golden visa programs help the candidates to gain access to the single market in the EU. They will also not face difficult visa restrictions. It is also a strategy to protect wealth. Moreover, it allows investors to become tax-residents of a country with an easy regime in comparison to India.

This is better than concealing information regarding assets or putting away the wealth abroad. Additionally, some high-profile bank defaulters obtain permanent residence in the UK or become citizens of Antigua & Barbuda. Such criminals will not be successful to use these programs to escape the law.

The choice of nations

There is a preference for people with a clean criminal record in these programs. The countries do not agree to allow an impact on their credibility by allowing convicted offenders or individuals facing an investigation to qualify for a Golden Visa.

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