International Students Protest against Changes in Australian Immigration
August 28, 2018

International Students Protest against Changes in Australian Immigration – Zentora

Information on Australian Policy Changes

International students are facing uncertainty regarding their future in Australia.  Subsequent to the policy changes by the ACT government, they have decided to hold a rally and protest this week. There will be a participation of Hundreds of international students in it.

Moreover, in July 2017, The Australian Capital Territory Government, introduced a set of policy measures which allow residents of Canberra, to seek state nomination, when still their occupation, is not actually ‘Open’ in the top demand job list. There was a norm that the Applicants must live in the Australian Capital Territory for 12 months, and also complete a course of Certificate III stage, from a regional institution, prior to making the application.

This became a focus for several overseas students from all regions of Australia who came to the Capital Area for finding the PR path.

The dreams are affected Student affected by Immigration Policies

Students might have become eligible to apply seeking the state nomination and were preparing for leading a stable future in the country. The Barr Government changed the Australia Immigration policy and their dreams crashed. It partially rolled back the clauses on 29 June 2018 which left the majority of the students unhappy.

Firstly the ACT Government made a policy and then went back on its word and altered it overnight. The students had already spent huge amount towards seeking education and now have to enroll in different course because the visa deadline is near.

Moreover, the government failed to give any notice and resorted to simply changing the policy. Moreover, they should have made the announcement, regarding closing the program in advance. This measure would have helped the applicants to apply for state nomination and make a good choice.

Review of Policies

The Government of ACT states that these changes were necessary owing to oversubscribing of 190-visa. After criticism it said that it would find a flexible way in managing the program in the limitations of the Fed-Government. Furthermore it has made an announcement to review the program. It knows the impact of the restrictions on individuals who were close to achieve the eligibility criteria at the time of the application of the restrictions.

However, students representatives, say that the retrospective effect of the change in totally unfair. It breaches the Governmental promise to all the aspirants who had already moved there.

The Government is aware of the present developments and also knows the revenue aspects. The affected Students will share their experiences in the protest rally outside the Assembly.

Request to the Authorities

Finally, they will present an online petition urging the state government to fulfill its promises. The petition seeks that there must be an increase in the number of places in Sub-class 190 visa to 1500 from the 800.

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