IRCC reduces deadline for Express Entry PR application to 60 days -27th June, 2018

The Canadian Government announced that Express Entry candidates receiving an ITA, seeking PR in Canada will have a new rule. Presently they will get only 60 calendar days for submitting the complete electronic application. IRCC said the revised deadline is only applicable to the candidates who get the ITA after June 26, 2018. The past deadline of 90 days, will apply to candidates, who received the ITA, before June 26th, 2018.

Express Entry is the system that manages the pool of candidates who apply for three main economic immigration classes of Canada. These are the:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Canadian Experience Class

Candidates who possess the Eligibility norms, in these classes, can submit a profile to the E.E. pool, and get the rank in C.R.S. of Express Entry.

The candidates having top ranks get an I.T.A. in the invitation rounds from the pool.

Moreover, after receiving the I.T.A., candidates have a specific time, to validate their profiles, and also provide the documentation supporting their case. Then they can submit a complete electronic application.

The e-APR, in combination with the supporting documents, from now onward, needs to be submitted, using the online E.E. account, of the applicant, in 60-calendar days only.

These 60 calendar days begin when the candidates gets the ITA. In a report of Dec 2017, I.R.C.C. mentions that 41 percent candidates receiving the Invitation, after November 2016, submitted their application within 61 to 90 days. 57 percent submitted these applications between 1 and 60 days after receiving the Invitation.

n the 11 months before Nov 2016, when the deadline increased from 60 to 90 days, 90 percent of candidates receiving the Invitation submitted the applications in the 60 day deadline.

I.R.C.C. had increased the deadline to 90 days in Nov 2016, responding the concerns of clients. They had said that 60 days were not sufficient, for submitting the complete application. The revision of the deadline strengthens the importance of document-preparation in advance, after obtaining an ITA. There is a need to begin collecting documents early, and having more time to avoid mistakes in application.

I.R.C.C. also says that the six-month processing standard is not changing. It begins with the assessment of application and is ends in I.R.C.C.’s Global Case Management System.

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