Levy introduced on highly skilled visas of Australia -28th July, 2017

Levy introduced on highly skilled visas of Australia

Australian federal government is on the verge of assaulting foreign skilled workers. After the government abandoned 457 visa program, Australian treasurer Scott Morrison has now announced a certain amount of levy on skilled foreign workers. The main objective of the Australian government is to provide jobs to local workers.

As per the reports, over the next four years, skilled visa levy would itself generate $1.2 billion that would be contributed to common wealth state “Skilling Australian Funds.

Morrison also declared the levy on temporary work visas would be $1200 or $1800 yearly. Meanwhile, for a permanent visa, the levy of $3000 or $5000 would be charged.

Australia's decision is in line with the UK and the US. Where the US charges $4000 to $4500 for H1B and L1 visas and UK charges £1,000.

Morrison claimed that employers hiring foreign skilled workers are required to pay 1 to 2 % of their payroll for training. But the system proved to be challenging to monitor and so the levy system has been introduced which would replace the previous system by 2018.

He also said that skilled foreign workers were a huge contributing factor for the Australians economic growth. But the employment should be on Australian terms and must skill the Australian locals in order to secure the job.

Skilled visa levies would be distributed as per the small, medium and large business. Small businesses which have a turnover of $10 million and sponsoring a temporary visa for the foreign skilled employee would have to pay an annual charge of $1200 and would need to pay $3000 if recruiting on a permanent contract.

While the medium and large scale businesses which have a turnover of more than $10 million will be charged $1800 for the temporary skilled worker and $5000 for hiring someone on a permanent visa.

The Australian government has also introduced visa application fees from 1st July 2017 onwards and the charges would probably rise in line with inflation.

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