More Indians acquiring UK visas after the exit of EU citizens -3rd December, 2018

More Indians acquiring UK visas after the exit of EU citizens

After an analysis of the official data issued by the UK government in the past few months, Skilled Indian professionals are dominating the landscape of work visas.

Supporting data

The Office of National Statistics has found that the data for the previous year shows that the pressures resulted in a decline in migrants arriving to the UK from the EU area. On the other hand there was an increase in the arrival of migrants from non-EU countries like India.

Skilled professionals from India received 2,266 more Tier 2 visas which reached 55% in the visa category. They are in extensive use by Indian IT companies for the movement of their workers to work on UK projects. Moreover, the Tier 2 (Skilled) Visas, total up to half of the numbers of all work visas. Moreover, there was an increase of 15% in comparison to the year ending in Sep 2017, for Indian nationals.

Increase among Indian students

Additionally, as per the report, there was an increase in the same period for Indian students arriving to pursue study at the UK institutions. It reached 18,735, which is an increase of 33% in the number of student visas given to Indians. Also the Indians were a major player in the tourism sector in the UK. The largest visit visa increase for stood at 41,224 and the total was 4, 68,923. Indians also obtained 881 more visas for reasons related to family in comparison to the previous year.

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