New rules of President Trump - Spouses of H1B Visa holders may lose jobs -2nd July, 2018

A new research study

Based on a new research study the plan of President Trump to ban spouses of top skill visa holders against their working can push out 100,000 people from their jobs. Additionally, it will also affect the visa holders and their employers, negatively.

The US Administration has laid down strict rules for H-1B visas , which permit overseas workers to take up jobs in the country for a number of years. Furthermore, it has a plan to revoke the ability of spouses for working. In that background, Christopher J. L. Cunningham a scholar of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and Pooja B. V. Kumar from the Kemmy Business School-University of Limerick started to study the inferences of this change in policy.

The finding

The finding was that such shifts isolate spouses socially, and can increase the domestic tensions. Additionally they can also damage the financial resources of the family. It also has the possibility of hurting the satisfaction of visa holder. Moreover, it increases the risk factor. The cost of unsuccessful expatriate assignments is in the range of $250,000 to $1 million, including indirect costs.

Often the Policy changes like the present case for America are made without having the complete information which can help policy makers to understand the truth better. They can also study the likely consequences.

Administration of President Obama

The U.S. started to allow spouses of H-1B visa holders to commence any work in 2015, under the Administration of President Obama. The authors analyzed the experiences of H-1B families in 2014 for this research. 1,800 Indian expatriates participated in this research and it had 416 participants in the final sample. The work visa programs , originated in 1952, and had the aim of allowing U.S. companies to employ overseas workers temporarily when qualified Americans were not available.

The programs made the evolution, and there were allegations that companies, like the Indian outsourcing giants, were abusing the visas to get inexpensive labor. Trump assumed the Presidency with a vow to revamp the programs and offer protection to American workers.

Reversing the eligibility of H-1B spouses

In those circumstances, Department of Homeland Security commenced the process to reverse the eligibility of H-1B spouses for taking up any work. Technology industries like Google and Amazon were in opposition to this plan. They had the argument that it will hurt spouses, more so women, and the visa holders also.

H-1B visa holders made numerous problems clear when spouses could not take up any work. It was unfair to them, resulting in returning to India. They were frustrated as they could not advance their career.

The researchers said that in case the ban was reinstated it will be crucial and difficult for families of expatriates. Many such individuals who received the temporary benefit of the immigration policies of the previous administration. They had either purchased a home or had started their own business.

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