New Zealand: Change in Employer Assisted Visas
September 10, 2018

New Zealand: Change in Employer Assisted Visas

Visa Changes providing a Better Atmosphere to Immigrants

There will be a few changes in Immigration law in November. The Employer Assisted Work Visa holders need not name their employer on the visa. Presently, in case there is the note of an employer on the document, it becomes a condition that the holder must continue in that employment with the named employer for the visa duration.

Work Rights for International Students

This change will permit a new group of graduating International Students, to get work rights, for three years, to work for an employer.

Moreover, it will give the immigrants seeking work experience related to their qualification, a great chance to get meaningful employment, which benefits them and the country. This measure will stop the under-utilization of skills and talents of international students, who complete good tertiary-level studies and possess good qualifications. They will not do the jobs, which are below their skills, and also put an end to poor payments.

Immigrants can move to Better Positions

A work visa permitting employment, with any employer, provides an even playing field. The migrants can participate fully in the labor market, and also move to better positions, appropriate for their skill level. The workers can avoid becoming captive to dishonest employers who do not pay well for their skills. Additionally, it will end the present system of trade-off, to support NZ Visa Applications.

The aim of the change is to encourage more employers in New Zealand to consider hiring of ambitious and young professionals. Employers need not be afraid of visa expiry. They can work easily without the worry of being involved in immigration matters. At Zentora we provide all active assistance to pursue the immigration dreams.

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