New Zealand to cut visa immigration to approximately 30000 applicants
June 14, 2017

New Zealand to cut visa immigration to approximately 30000 applicants

Since the labor party has come into power in New Zealand, there seems to have ramped down in the no. of visa permits issued to the immigrants traveling to the country. The immigration department has indicated that there will be a reduction of 20000-30000 net immigration to be projected in the coming year.

The sectors which are to be affected are Student visa which would see a drop by 6000-10000 next is the student work visa lowered by a figure of 9000-10000 and lastly work Visas to have a reduction in between 5000-8000 Visas.

The government wishes to fulfill nation's employment first and then go for immigration to replace skill shortage with a matched skilled employee from a foreign land.An individual studying in NZ and gaining a reclusive degree would be preferred more than any specialized doctor who wishes to migrate. There would a new Visa known as the Kiwi Build Visa would be created which are required exclusively in the field of construction for the Construction business in NZ.

According to labor market demand, another 1000 Visa will be issued to the skilled immigrants if they have qualified for any job offering in the NZ based upon the skills and expertise of the candidate.

There are some of the main sectors in New Zealand who will require the immigration inflow, like IT, tourism, agriculture and recently construction. The immigration statistics until 2017 has been 71900 which also requires a boost to currently match workforce for New Zealand, as it is facing political changes on the Aged care association which has been found essential old age people.

The government of New Zealand is formulating a strategy to manage country’s economic advantages and other operational activities with a controlled immigration.

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