Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Draw Targets Candidates having a Net Worth of $600,000 -13th April, 2019

Nova Scotia immigration

Nova Scotia immigration conducted a draw on April 4 for its Entrepreneur stream, to target promising business candidates who have the minimum net worth of $600,000.

Additionally, the draw issued 27 invitations and the score of the low-rank candidate was just 112 points. These Candidates must invest $150,000 to establish a business in the province.

This was the third Provincial Entrepreneur Stream for the present year. In the previous draw of Feb 19, 2019, 22 aspirants received an invitation with a score of 112.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

This stream attracts such candidates who are business owners or have an experience as a senior manager. They need to reside in province; and also start a fresh business or buy an already existing business. Moreover, they have to participate actively in managing the business in a sound manner.

Under this stream, the aspirants at first receive a temporary work permit prior to submitting a Canada PR application after running the establishment for one year. The format is of Expression of Interest, in the stream. Additionally, the candidates receive the invitation to apply.

Qualifying For the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

  • Expression of Interest
  • Obtaining the Invitation to Apply
  • Attending the Personal Interview and also affixing signature on the  Performance Agreement
  • Getting the Work Permit and starting a Business in the province
  • Submitting the Request for Nomination
  • Applying for Canada PR

Candidate Requirements in the Entrepreneur Stream:

  • Age of 21 years,
  • Intention to live permanently in the province while owning/managing a business.
  • The net worth of $600,000.
  • Investment  of $150,000 to establish as well as purchase  a local business
  • Three years of experience in actively managing/owning a business and also having 33 percent ownership, OR experience of five years a senior manager in the business.
  • A Score of five on the CLB in four categories of English or French.
We bring such details for the benefit of our patrons and they can contact us for any details.

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