Ontario Entrepreneurs Draw sends 22 Fresh Invitations -9th April, 2019

Ontario Entrepreneur Draw
In the draw held on April 5, The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has invited 22 entrepreneurs at a minimum score of 112.  Ontario Entrepreneur Draw attracts overseas nationals who can establish or purchase a business in Ontario.

The details

The Entrepreneur Stream of the Program is available to individual applicants and for the business partner also who fulfill the eligibility requirements of the stream. The first stage in the process of applying is that international entrepreneurs have to review and make sure that they meet the obligatory requirements of this program. The proposed/existing business must not appear on the list of ineligible businesses.

Additionally, the candidates receiving the Invitation who gain the approval in the OINP-Entrepreneur Stream are eligible to obtain a support letter regarding the Temporary Work Permit from the Program after signing the Performance Agreement for establishing a business in the province.

Working of the OINP Entrepreneur Stream

The basis of the functioning of the OINP Entrepreneur stream is on the points system of the Express of Interest. When an interested person submits the EOI applying to the program, they get the score from 170 points. Additionally, these points are based on Experience, Human Capital, and Investment factors. The quantum of personal investment in the OINP Entrepreneur Stream is based on the location of the business.

  • For the businesses located in the Greater Toronto Area, they must invest $1,000,000 CAD and also control one-third of the business equity.
  • Additionally, for the businesses located outside the Greater Toronto Area, they must invest $500,000 CAD and also control one-third of the business equity.
  • A Business involving the information and communications technology or digital communication must invest $500,000 CAD irrespective of the location. Moreover, the applicants must control one-third of business equity.


EOI profiles that enter the program get a rank against other profiles. Finally, the OINP invites entrepreneurs with the top-score periodically. The EOIs are active for 12 months before their removal from the selection pool.

We provide the details of the draw and you can contact us for further details.

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