Ontario witnesses continuous job growth
March 14, 2017

Ontario witnesses continuous job growth
Ontario’s job market is witnessing a continuous growth with each passing month. 4600 new jobs were added in February 2017; the seventh month of job growth.

With this continuous growth, the unemployment rate in the province has declined to a large extent. Its unemployment rate is now lower than the national average of the entire country. The increase in job market was due to full time job opportunities as well as employment options in private sector.

This growth of the province is expected to be maintained for next 2 years now. In fact, the GDP of Ontario for 1st three quarters of 2016, outpaced the GDP growth of overall Canada and all other G7 countries.

Ontario is currently focusing on creating more jobs, growth of economy and help its residents in their daily lives. This has resulted in the province’s outstanding performance each month.

Some of the key points of this economic growth are:

  • Growth in employment occurred in a number of economic regions of province including Muskoka-Kawarthas and Kingston-Pembroke.
  • Since last 1 year, 107500 fresh jobs have been added in the province.
  • Manufacturing sales in particular has seen outstanding growth. 2.3 per cent growth was witnessed in December.
  • Since 2013, $1.73 billion in investment has been made in communities across the province.

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