Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship in Canada: More invitations will be issued
August 01, 2018

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship in Canada: More invitations will be issued


The Canadian government On July 31st, made the announcement regarding issuing a new round of invitations to the persons who are interested in sponsoring their parents/grandparents for immigration to Canada. The system to issue Invitations will be randomly for the candidates who submitted an Interest to Sponsor form in Jan 2018.

This PGP sponsorship program is a way through which Canada shows its commitment for family reunification. The target for the government in 2018 is to accept around 10,000 applications in such sponsorship.

The government had also issued invitations to the sponsors earlier in the year. Presently the government is issuing a second round of invitations, to the persons who expressed an interest in sponsoring. Additionally they need to look in their inboxes this week. Authorities use a lottery system to issue Invitations for sponsorship, to randomly select candidates. The number of invitations issued was not announced.

Additional conditions

The criteria for sponsoring a parent or grandparent, is that the potential sponsor needs to submit an Interest to Sponsor form in Jan 2018. In case the potential sponsor has not completed this form, he/she is not eligible for the present, but can submit the Interest to Sponsor form in early 2019.

The candidates not selected for PGP sponsorship, are also eligible to apply, for a super visa for their parents/grandparents. This super visa facilitates an easy entry for parents and grandparents to visit their family members.

Moreover, the norms of eligibility to sponsor a parent or grandparent, say that the sponsor, needs to be a Canadian citizen or PR, living in Canada. Sponsors also must have a minimum necessary income level; to ensure that they are in a position to support the family members financially.

Check up

The persons availing the sponsoring need to take up routine checks regarding medical and criminal issues. These are common for all PR applications. Any Serious medical conditions or a criminal history leads to non-admission.

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