Processing Time Changes for Australian Partner Visas
September 03, 2018

 Processing Time Changes for Australian Partner Visas

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has reduced the processing time for partner visa applications. This has provided a great relief to the persons who were waiting for a result owing to a bigger waiting period.  Also, presently the processing times, for partner visas are, 14-16 months but in the past it was 21-26 months.

The last update regarding the processing times for applications was on 22nd August 2018 for July 2018.

The Partners of Australian PRs or citizens had to wait for 26 months, before they started to live together in Australia. This is a welcome development for the people who were waiting for the finalization of applications. There was criticism because the Department was charging a fee of $7000.

The processing delays put a strain on relationships

Moreover, the delays in processing the visa result in huge social and financial implications on couples. The emotional situation is too much to cope with for many couples.  They are not in a position to set up any long-term goals, and the financial matters or family planning issues are affected.

An expert has welcomed the development, and said that the process time, must be less than six months, for the applicants. The people are anxious, when the time frame, for getting a visa, is two years. This also leads to delay in buying a home, getting a job, or planning a family. In extreme cases, there is a breakdown of relationship also.

Visa Processing times still slower

In comparison to Canada and the USA the processing time is still long. It needs to come down to six months.  The lives of many people are on hold because of the delay in deciding whether a person is good to live with a partner in Australia .

The Department has expressed the cause of delay, to be the high demand, as well as increase in the size of high-risk applications. The figure for issuing partner visas is 47,825 in the Annual Migration Program plan since 2014-15.  In 2016-17 the demand increased by 7 percent.

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