Provinces of Canada Apart from Quebec Target Francophone Immigrants -15th March, 2019

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The number of candidates speaking French (Francophone Immigrants) receiving Invitations to apply in the Express Entry system increased to 4.5 percent in December 2018. Additionally, it was 2.9 percent in 2017. Quebec province is presently battling regarding the next stage of dealing with the backlog of 18,000 in an immigration application. However, the remaining provinces of Canada are welcoming Francophone with open arms.

IRCC is giving importance to the figure and has also announced Calgary as the first Welcoming Francophone Community. Alberta City will receive some portion of $12.6 million in funding in the next three years. The aim is to attract and integrate immigrants speaking French in society.

Apart from Calgary, 14 other communities in Canada will receive a share of the funding. There will be an announcement, in this regard eventually.

Moreover, the government has adopted a new strategy for boosting Francophone communities outside Quebec. There will be a focus on immigration, integration, and retention of new permanent residents who speak French.

Furthermore, Ahmed Hussen, the Federal Immigration Minister said that the initiative deals with making new French-speaking PRs feel at home. Francophone communities will create more inviting communities so that the Francophone immigrants are welcome and also receive more opportunities.  The purpose of launching the Francophone Immigration Strategy is to increase the proportion of immigrants speaking French in Francophone minority communities.

Furthermore, this initiative is a part of the plan of the federal government to increase Francophone immigration outside Quebec to 4.4 percent among total newcomers in the next four years.

Methods to increase Francophone Immigration

  • Mobilite Francophone

Under this initiative, a few top skilled workers having French language ability get an exemption from the requirements of the Labor Market Impact Assessment. It is a specific stream in the International Mobility Program and also supports a permanent job offer in Express Entry.

  • Additional Express Entry points

Furthermore, since June 2017, Express Entry provides 30 additional points to the candidates having strong French language skills.

  • Annex to Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement

There is also an annex in the Immigration Agreement between Canada and Ontario of April 2018 which has a focus on welcoming immigrants speaking French to the province. Ontario holds regular draws for the French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream.

  • Several Other Provincial Programs

Many provincial immigration programs have the policy to deal with the French-speaking candidates quickly.

Action Plan for Increasing Immigration Outside of Quebec

  • Promoting awareness of immigration opportunities, pathways and settlement services to the prospective French-speaking applicants;
  • Increasing the engagement of employers in recruiting and employing French-speaking immigrants;
  • Boosting the awareness, availability, and accessibility of French language services; and finally,
  • Extending Support to diverse and inclusive Francophone communities.

The outcome of the Action Plan will be:

  • More number of French-speaking immigrants will settle in Canada outside Quebec;
  • Better participation of French-speaking immigrants in the local labor markets; and
  • Increase in the participation of French-speaking immigrants in communities and also in social networks.
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