Quebec Immigration for New Immigrants -14th December, 2018

Quebec Immigration for New Immigrants
Non-profit companies can appeal for grants of up to $250,000 to assist projects that help to unite new immigrants into the society of Quebec. Ministry of Quebec’s immigration (MIDI) announced a call for bids on Tuesday, Dec 11, with the submission deadline on Feb 1, 2019.

The call appears like the government of Quebec province looks temporarily lowering the levels of Quebec immigration by 20% in 2019 so that integration services can be enhanced.

A provincial statement stated: The Program of Diversity Mobilization goal is to assist non-profit companies in building further welcoming and inclusive communities to promote the complete immigrant's participation and ethno cultural minorities in French.

It is also supported that plans take into account the contexts which are differentiated for specific population groups, along with older people, young people, and women.

The Coalition Avenir du Québec, or C.A.Q, has tabled the government plan of the province to temporarily decrease Quebec immigration to a level of 40,000 newcomers per year, dropping from 50,000 in the year 2018.

For the Quebec Economic Class, the C.A.Q plan is for the figure to fall to 23,450 in the year 2019, from 31,200 in the year 2018. The numbers of Economic Class are to hold within 18,000 and 20,100 proficient workers, 3,100 and 3,400 business individuals, with room for 600 to 800 additional immigrants.

For the Family Class, the proposal is for numbers to drop to 8,900 from 11,700. Refugees, meantime, would fall from 9,400 to 6,950 below the published figures.

CAQ’s Plan for Quebec Immigration Levels in 2019




Economic Class



Family Class







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